I watch too much TV, which explains why I have remained an armchair traveller for the past 3 years.

And my latest obsession/travel destination has, of course, been reflected in the title. Curiously enough, all events happen in and around Boston (rarely out of the state of Massachusetts); and even if the armchair traveller does get the opportunity to travel out of state, her itinerary is restricted to the corporate HQ of Massive Dynamic in New York.

So why do the Bishops and Agent Dunham remain my travelling companions?

1. I am enamoured with Joshua Jackson’s wry smile.

2. I identify with Walter’s very frequent and, at times, inappropriate cravings.

3. I am of the impression that Anna Torv perhaps sports a pair of Prada loafers on her missions, and am eagerly anticipating the episode where she’d execute a roundhouse kick donning a pair of Loubooutin slingbacks.

4. Finally, this reviewer is wondering how the sexual chemistry between Peter and Olivia would pan out (Pan being the operative god, hur hur).

More when I finally catch up to Season 2 unless J.J Abrams and his team decides to introduce a shark…


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