Thanksgiving (Late but not Overdue)

I have a lot to be thankful for in 2013.

Even if we don’t celebrate thanksgiving in our household, I like to think last night’s dinner was the equivalent of turkey day where everyone present certainly had something they were thankful for. No pilgrims set sail for the land of opportunity, but I like to think the sumptuous dinner — curry chicken was present, and though it was prepared by the live-in maid, I tasted my mom’s want to mend our scattered home — presented the opportunity for all to “taste test” that elusive happiness. An old favourite resurfaced: twice cooked pork belly which perhaps by virtue of its long absence was, IMHO, the best dish of the night. Or perhaps, BFF’s gentle coaxing and helpful hints to the maid made an otherwise blah dish shine.

Courtesy of Caroline Myss:

Courtesy of Caroline Myss:


Mom’s sight has been irrevocably damaged. She may never cook again. But I sensed her heart eye 心眼 — there may be no equivalent in the English language, but I think heart chakra comes closest — had opened at last, and mom saw me for the person I could be rather than the idealised image of success she had erected in her mind (a sensibility over sense revelation, if you will).


Larry, my younger brother, the strong silent member of the family — for my mom and I are vocal, at times much too vocal — was not only audibly chattier, but also visibly happier for the first time since Pa passed away.

I will not presume I was accurate in my observations. But everyone was happy, including BFF, and I suppose that is all that mattered.

But I’m not done yet… If you aren’t in too much of a hurry to join your own loved ones, I would be very grateful if you would be willing to hear what the Jolly Green Giantess is thankful for in her life:

1. BFF, who has not only been my strength and beacon for the last five years, he is also my strategic adviser, troops, artillery and aerial support in the sometimes-unfair, at-times-unreasonable but always-funny phenomenon we call life. Thank you.

Photo by Craig Blankenhorn - © MMIX New Line Productions, Inc., taken off the IMDb database.

Photo by Craig Blankenhorn – © MMIX New Line Productions, Inc., taken off the IMDb database.


2. Salt-and-pepper (used as a pronoun here, like Darcy or Mr Knightley —or, in Sex and the City-speak, Mr Big) whom I suspect is the only other person, aside from BFF, who has read all my blog posts. And is also supporting me in every possible way so I may become a published author. Thank you.


3. S and R, whom I have come to love dearly, and despite the 7 short weeks we’ve known each other, have shown me indulgence and acceptance for myself. You both, BFF and I should really do an SATC-style round table one day. Thank you.

4. November 2013, which undoubtedly was the turning point in my fourth decade on Earth. I re-discovered reading — yes, I gave it up for some reason I no longer care to find out, cos’ I found it again, and with that, my passion for writing. Thank you Universe.

5. And you, dear reader. For reading, for liking, for following the expulsions of a nondescript. Thank you.


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