Alice and the White Roses

Alicesadventuresinwonderland1898Hey all! Sorry for the long silence. Distracted by Art Stage (pictures on my Instagram!) and work.

This is part of my satire series, based on Mr Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. 

Comment lots! If it brings a smile to your day, like it, share it. If it didn’t work for you, let me know how I may improve.

And so, without further ado… I bring you the continuing series of Alice in Wonderland (or not)


White RoseSo it goes the Red Queen wanted to paint white roses red as part of the celebrations for ousting the Black Queen. 

The new office-bearer was to be known as the Royal Manipulator of White Flora.


The sign-up parchment for the new office has been languishing on the royal notice board for days, and yet not a single name. Hence the queen called for a conferring ceremony where she would appoint the first name out of a fishbowl as the Royal Manipulator of White Flora.


White Rabbit could hardly wrap his arms around the gigantic fishbowl, and struggled to not spill the tiny pieces of paper scribbled with the names of all the courtiers and parliament of mice, while the queen reached in to grab a piece of paper that would decide one of their fates.


“Alice! Approach, child, and receive your sash of office,” announced the queen.


And so it was, two days into her appointment as the Royal Manipulator of White Flora, Alice wearing the paint-stained sash of office, the paintbrush a dead weight in her hand, looked around at the rose petals strewn at her feet, and wondered if there was any point in painting perfectly fine white roses red.


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