Fashion prowess.

A seemingly innocent phrase, but what does it mean?

Nothing. The phrase didn’t even exist until some PR exec (unwittingly) threw it into her press release to up the oomph factor.

But I wonder: Is there any merit in this newfangled phrase?

“Prowess” is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “distinguished bravery; especially: military valour and skill” and “extraordinary ability”.

The two definitions combined conjure the image of a fearless superhero saving the world with his fantastical rhinestone and sequin-studded spandex outfits – none ever repeated, of course. His ability to sew several thousand sequins in a single stitch always saves more than nine prom dresses and he strives tirelessly to reform villains by humiliating them into subordination for their sartorial mistakes.


The immortal adage of “Truth, Love and Beauty” never rang more true.

All hail the Sequinned Avenger!

All hail my overwrought imagination!


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