Fashion Review: PRABAL GURUNG

Water-cooler talk in the office is dominated by the Audi Fashion Festival (AFF).

Who could blame the office denizens? I went online to look at the Prabal Gurung Fall 2014 collection – which was the opening act for this year’s AFF – and I must say I utterly adore it.

Despite my earlier dig at the fashion PR set, I’m happy to take back what I said about fashion prowess – it does exist, perhaps not so much in the sense of superhero-saves-the-world, but definitely as a force to reckon with, a next-generation designer (alongside Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim, so I was told by fashion magazines) when one speaks of the Singapore-born couturier.

In fact, I’m so impressed I present to you my virgin review of any fashion collection, ever. Just for the t-girl (male-to-female transgendered person).

T-girls must dress with the utmost consideration for we are not built like women.

Midriff-baring is all the rage now, and I too, eons ago, had bared my abs to the world in a one-size-too-small Paul Frank tee after a 6-week grapple with can-I-skip-crunches-just-for-today and I’m-sure-one-McDonald’s-meal-is-fine. I was quite quite eager to show off the result with a shopping bout for cropped tees when my shopping companion pointed out, “Girl, your six-pack is beginning to show.”

While six-packs look impressive on female bodybuilders, a six-foot t-girl would just look mannish and that simply defeats the purpose of dressing up as a girl.

Rhianna wears Stella McCartney; Jojo Sinclair flexes her abs in a bikini

Rhianna wears Stella McCartney; Jojo Sinclair flexes her abs in a bikini


We put on muscle mass quickly due to our high and innate supply of testosterone. Hence, it’s a fine line between the nicely defined obliques Rhianna shows off in her elegant Stella McCartney cut-out gown and the in-your-face six-packs Singapore bodybuilder Jojo Sinclair is shown flexing here:



Tank tops are also no-nos, they accentuate my broad shoulders 😦

But I digress.

Gurung, on his Instagram account, said, ““Layered, just like how I like my women.” If you peel my layers slash clothes away, you’ll find that I’m the “best of both – men and women – worlds.”

But I digress. However, even though the Parsons (Parsons The New School for Design) graduate designs for the quintessential, biological woman, I reckon I can rock a few ensembles from his Fall 2014 collection.

#regram from Prabal Gurung’s Instagram account



My shoulders, highlighted for all the wrong reasons in a tank, would be accented for all the right ones in his first sportswear-inspired creation, like the grey and black tunic dress on the right, with fur panels →


Prabal Gurung Fall'14 cape

Prabal Gurung Fall’14 cape




←This cape would be great for a chilly autumn, when and if I get to spend autumn in the home of Sex and the City: New York New York:

Prabal Gurung Fall'14 cheongsam

Prabal Gurung Fall’14 cheongsam


A statuesque figure, much like 6’1 me, would totally rock this cheongsam →







[DISCLAIMER: The author did not attend Prabal Gurung’s AFF’14 opening show, the clip shown here is taken off YouTube, and his Fall’14 Collection was reviewed from the comfort of the author’s armchair.]



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