Let It Go, Let It Go


For the past month, after reading Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson’s book You Can Create An Exceptional Life, I have been sending positive, loving thoughts out to the Universe.

A vast improvement from before, when I would glower internally (my face would remain impassive but in my head, I’d be making faces at less-than-savoury office denizens) and wish colleagues I didn’t particularly like when they walked by my desk an early death. I’m a bitch. I know.


But in my defense, the feeling is mutual. I have, more than once, been on the receiving end of curt, in-your-face remarks and behind-the-back insults. Still, there isn’t an excuse for launching a death ray attack towards senior staff whom I feel no longer deserved my respect. Mea culpa.

Death rays can be pretty

Death rays can be pretty

When I used to shoot death rays out of my mind, I often felt a reciprocal attack. Murderous thoughts still get the better of me in the past month, and I would get a wayward psychic attack: Though when I concentrate very hard and tell myself to let bygones be bygones, the attack would be somewhat mitigated. And I could sense the other party softening too.

I like to think I have evolved into a more caring – though still cynical – version of myself the past month. This little thought that pops into my little head every now and then reminds me, “We’ve been warring for so long, we’re both tired, it’s time for a ceasefire (even if cooperation isn’t possible at this moment).”

Neville_Chamberlain_by_William_Orpen_-_1929At this point, I would like to quote British WWII politician, Neville Chamberlain, “In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers.”

All that energy expended, wasted on stuff that doesn’t matter in the end – having the last word on Twitter about who was right, inciting followers (whom you’ve never met) to join your cause… When that energy could re-focussed for so many wonderful things, like unicorn-shaped lollipops, candied clouds & sprightly stars.


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