I am a Language Nazi

Adolf Hitler

Disclaimer: If the mass murderer looks kindly, the illustrator apologises for her bad drawing skills.

[Disclaimer: Credit must be given to an ex-lover who coined the term “language Nazi”.]

I am an outraged Nazi! Just look at this!

The offending conjunction has been highlighted by the author for dramatic effect.

The offending conjunction has been highlighted for dramatic effect.

In normal circumstances, use of the conjunction “or” is perfectly harmless. In this case, however, it feels as if the addressee after the offending conjunction – yours truly – is second-class citizen… Like saying I’m-happy-to-have-her-serve-me-if-Adriana-Lima-isn’t-available.

Selected office denizens I polled share my sentiments. Unless they were tickled by my spectacular display of outrage, and decided to play to my vanity in the hopes of eliciting more histrionics.

This language Nazi feels a slash is more appropriate. Plus, a slash is less effort on your writing wrist, saving the offending party from possible future carpal tunnel damage.


P.S. Dear offender, this is how it looks like / for the record.




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