Weekend Treat: Green Tea Affogato


  • I just might have stumbled upon an updated version of the yuanyang when I ran out of vanilla ice cream for my affogato.

    I had stayed up till 4am for a Supernatural marathon, and in order to fuel my obsession with the Winchester brothers, I made myself an affogato, but with a twist: green tea ice cream.

    And it worked! The delicate floral liquor of Nespresso’s Bukeela marries well with Meiji’s fragrant green tea-flavoured ice cream.

    Here’s how to assemble your weekend affogato and not miss a beat of the Supernatural action:

    1. Bring out your tub of green tea ice cream to soften while you return to ogling the brothers. When Dean Winchester makes a pop-culture reference, the surface should be soft enough to push your spoon through.

    2. I don’t own an ice-cream scoop, but I find dipping a spoon in hot water useful in shaping the ice cream into a fancy quenelle.

    3. Place quenelle in receptacle (bowl or cup, your choice), and brew Bukeela in your trusty Nespresso machine.

    4. Pour espresso around green tea quenelle so it forms a sort of a moat. Top with white chocolate shavings.



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