Christmas Nails in October? (It’s never too early)

Christmas baked goods from Furama Hotel

Christmas baked goods from Furama Hotel

As I’m typing this blog post, I’m doing four other things simultaneously:

  1. Munching on Christmas cookies.
  2. Contemplating this uncharacteristically warm October, and thinking over what BFF said about how the haze contributed to this freakish heat (very valid argument considering dust and soot particles, from all that burning in Indonesia, trap the sun’s heat).
  3. Trying not to ruin my freshly manicured Christmas nails.
  4. All the while hoping my attempt at tricking my mind into thinking of cooler climates – or, at least, cool climate activities (see points 1 and 3 above) – would take my mind off point number 2.

I work in a magazine firm and we work two months in adavance so we can bring you December’s fashion trends, new menus and art exhibitions. And of course, in order for us to write about upcoming events and offerings in the malls, we receive Christmas press kits – fragrance coffrets, and said cookies in point 1 – from them even way before reindeers and snowy wonderlands appear on their facades.

So, really, what I’m trying to say is: It isn’t too early to start thinking about that manicure to go with that party dress. And of course, the perfect excuse for me to start counting down to Christmas – my fav time of the year!

Without any further delay, I present you my how-to on creating fabulous Christmassy nails.


I picked, from left: NARS in Fury; 3.1 Phillip Lim in Gold Viper; Butter London in Union Jack Black; Laura Mercier in Forbidden


  • You could pick two colours traditionally associated with the holidays, like red and green, or gold and silver.







  • I created an updated version of the French manicure, where instead of having just a contrasting colour across the tip of your digits, that colour goes all around – kind of like a picture frame.



  • Apply two coats of the base colour and allow to dry thoroughly – a quick-drying to coat like Seche Vite helps to cut down wait time – before applying the second colour.




  • The second colour goes right to the free edge. It’s just easier that way, you can never achieve a perfect square freehand. (You can leave it just like that; which I recommend on shorter nails to make them look more elongated, and also because an all-around border tend to make fingers appear stubby.)



  • Paint the edge of your nails with the first colour to complete the “frame”.
Clockwise, from left: Chanel F/W 14/15 couture shot by Karl Lagerfeld; Gucci silver loafers; Chanel sandals with bow detail

Clockwise from left: Chanel F/W 14/15 couture shot by Karl Lagerfeld; Gucci silver loafers; Chanel sandals with bow detail



Before I end this post, I’ll leave you with two thoughts: won’t the purple-and-silver just look adorable with the silver loafers from the Gucci Cruise 2015 collection; and oh-so-festive with these silver sandals from the Chanel Autumn/Winter 2014/15 collection.


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